Genedrive - Capital Network: Ready to launch the first point-of-care HepC test

Writen by Riccardo Lowi

genedrive (GDR.LON), an emerging UK medtech company, focuses on the development and commercialization of an innovative, point-of-care diagnostic system, also called Genedrive® (in this report, "genedrive" (GDR.LON) refers to the company, whereas "Genedrive®" indicates the product). genedrive (GDR.LON) is poised to become the first company to launch a decentralized Hepatitis C diagnostic, entering a large market at a time when new curative therapies for the disease are transforming opportunities for testing and treatment. A Genedrive® TB diagnostic has already been launched and the platform has a wide range of alternative applications.

In the coming months we expect genedrive to update the market on several key fronts:    

• CE mark for the HepC Genedrive® system expected by mid-2017

• Distribution agreements for the commercialization of the HepC device in high burden countries

• Launch of Genedrive® for the diagnosis of HepC

• Next steps for Genedrive® development in other diseases

• Ongoing strategic reassessment of their legacy CRO business


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