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e-Therapeutics - Capital Network: Undervalued Stock with a Unique Approach to Drug Discovery

e-Therapeutics (LON:ETX) focuses on the discovery of  new drugs in a more efficient and effective way and aims to be a valued partner to address the productivity challenge that the pharma industry faces. e-Therapeutics (LON:ETX) has developed a novel and unique in-silico approach to drug discovery: starting from the analysis of complex interactions between...

Published: 11:14, 25 Oct 2017

BOS Global - Capital Network: Global Expansion Underway

BOS GLOBAL is a software company which offers Cloud based solutions to make workplaces more productive. The platform is applicable to a range of knowledge-workers, including salesforce and financial services activities. The BOS360 technology applies advanced pattern recognition techniques to enhance productivity at an individual, team, and enterprise level.

Published: 10:36, 12 May 2017

Fenner PLC - Capital Network: Flash Report

Fenner’s (FENR.LON) share price has gained 200% from its 2016 trough level. But it’s worth remembering that the trough-to-peak share price move from 2009-2012 was 1,280%.  The company makes polymer conveyor belts for mining and heavy industries as well as specialised polymer components for a range of applications from specialised industrial to oil and gas to medical...

Published: 15:51, 23 Feb 2017

LEKOIL - Capital Network: Flash Report

Lekoil is an AIM-listed indigenous Nigerian oil producer with assets in the onshore and offshore Niger Delta as well as a non-core position in Namibia. Production from its Otakikpo marginal field has now started at a rate of 5,000bbl/d and management is guiding for an exit rate of 10,000bopd for this year. The share price has risen +70% in the past 12 months in...

Published: 15:51, 22 Feb 2017

Volga Gas

Volga Gas is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused on the Volga Region of western Russia and with a 100% interests in four licenses to explore for and produce oil, gas and condensate in the Volgograd and Saratov Regions. The share price has steadily recovered from a low of c.30p reached in Jan 2016 to the current c.55p, following an...

Published: 10:03, 08 Feb 2017

Rose Petroleum PLC

Rose Petroleum plc (“Rose”) is an AIM-listed company active in both Mining and Oil & Gas. We believe that the Company’s exploration assets in the Paradox Basin (USA) provide a number of relatively short-term de-risking catalysts for potential share price appreciation as well as a potential medium-term monetisation option for shareholders.

Published: 11:36, 07 Feb 2017

Xrbia Developers Pvt Ltd

It builds affordable housing projects on the transport networks connecting India’s major cities.  Xrbia uses ground breaking technology to deliver efficiencies across construction, operations and maintenance.

Published: 11:16, 03 Feb 2017

Avation PLC

Avation is an aircraft lease company. The model is easy to understand, and has been very effective in recent years: Purchase new aircraft, which offer a lease yield of 13%, with asset depreciation of about 5% per year. Apply 75% debt financing, at an interest rate of around 5%. Total other cash costs net off to around 1%.

Published: 11:12, 03 Feb 2017

Mytrah Energy Ltd

Mytrah Energy is an alternative energy company, building and operating a portfolio of wind farms in locations across India, with agreements in place to expand into solar, also in India.

Published: 11:21, 18 Jan 2017

Acal Plc

Acal’s transformation to a higher margin, customised electronics company continues to make good progress. It has a clear growth strategy which will see organic progress complemented by selective acquisitions. This will provide positive news-flow for the share price. Its trading valuation is not demanding and is supported by a 4% dividend yield while corporate activity,...

Published: 15:52, 10 Jan 2017

Learning Technologies Group plc

Learning Technologies Group plc (LON:LTG) is an LSE AIM-listed UK based holding company that provides e-learning services with offices in the UK, the US and Brazil and over 200 employees.

Published: 10:08, 07 Dec 2016

Concepta PLC

Concepta is a small UK-based company that focuses on the development and commercialization of its medical diagnostic device MyLotus. The device, a consumer good, has been developed to improve the probability of conception for women with unexplained infertility (not pregnant after 12+ months trying).

Published: 08:35, 26 Oct 2016