Transformation to Vanadium Player

Written by Christopher Ecclestone

+ Surging Vanadium price briefly enlivened the prospects of producers and wannabes in the sub-space
+ The purchase of the Vametco assets from Evraz propels Bushveld directly into the producer space
+ Higher Vanadium prices have enhanced the profitability of Vametco’s operations with plans being implemented to increase production over the next two years
+ Trading (and financing) relationship with Wogen helps Vametco escape Glencore’s tentacles
+ Upsurge in interest is VRB batteries puts Vanadium in contention to enter the rarified company of other sexy Battery Metals such as Cobalt and Lithium
+ The Mokopane project has gone from being in launch mode with a DFS to taking a secondary role. However its provides a pipeline of future production

- Process of restructuring BEE arrangement that Evraz had in place slowed the pace of integration of the new asset

- A dramatic tumble in the Vanadium price followed the spike and erased a large part of the recent gains
- South Africa’s external image is always a burden for companies operating there


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