Location Sciences - first mover in a huge market

Written by Ed Stacey

Location Sciences Group PLC (LON:LSAI) is a high growth technology company and global leader in location verification. Location Sciences was born in September 2017 from the ashes of Proxama PLC. The transformation was formalised with the name change to Location Sciences Group PLC in 2018. During the last 12 months, Location Sciences has launched its first-of-a-kind location advertising authentication platform – Verify. The company has achieved rapid growth in revenue in the last nine months, while substantially reducing its cost base. In this report, we examine the progress so far and the roadmap going forward.

Carriers of mobile-phone-based advertising can command a large price premium for advertising that targets consumers in a specific physical location. Brands who wish to use location-based mobile advertising (a market estimated to be worth US$19 billion in 2018 source: Juniper, Sept 2017) face a huge problem with inaccurate and fraudulent location data from ad publishers. The Verify platform allows brands to authenticate their location-based advertising.

In this report, we examine the potential revenue and profit trajectory of Location Sciences based on the initial success of the Verify platform and the new sales channel being established. We are forecasting a compounded annualised revenue growth rate of 150% for 2019-2021e.

We also examine the substantial upside potential that this revenue and profit trajectory could imply for the share price.


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