DP Poland a 'double-whammy investment' says Capital Network's Ed Birkin

Written by Glen Jones

DP Poland Plc (LON:DPP) has recently raised £3.2 million to accelerate its store opening programme across Poland.

The AIM-listed Domino’s Pizza master franchise owner said the extra cash will mean they can add a further 20 outlets to its roll-out across the country – and they’re aiming to get 100 stores by 2020.

Capital Network's Ed Birkin tells Proactive: I think they're very exciting. At the moment investors are looking for a safe place to put their money and growth has always been appealing. At the moment they're doing like-for-like growth of 28% and total sales growth of over 70% - so you're getting this double-whammy where you are getting very impressive like-for-like growth numbers which is combined with a strong store roll-out programme.''

''I do think that when the market cap gets to a certain level and they start getting cash flow positive, which should happen in the next couple of years, then it will definitely be on the horizon of a number of big institutional investors'', Birkin added.

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