Video Briefings

Avacta Group's Bach BioSciences deal 'an exciting step'

Capital Network analyst Riccardo Lowi discusses Avacta Group Plc's (LON:AVCT) development partnership with Bach BioSciences as well as the news it's making shares available via subscription and a placing to bring...

Published: 13:21, 31 Jul 2018

Ed Stacey on H&T Group: the UK market leader in pawnbroking

Ed Stacey discusses how the Group's recent growth has been driven by the personal loans and other non-pawnbroking services. In addition, the company has achieved growth in the retail segment, supported by the...

Published: 09:54, 09 Jul 2018

Ed Stacey on MTI Wireless Edge

Ed Stacey talks through MTI Wireless Edge, world leader in developing and manufacturing high quality and cost effective antenna solutions for commercial and  military applications, as well as control systems...

Published: 10:39, 31 May 2018

Ed Stacey discusses Custodian REIT's strong performance

Ed Stacey talks through Custodian Reit (LON:CREI) ) and how the company has performed strongly in recent years, delivering a total shareholder return of 10% a year over the last three years, and with lower...

Published: 09:49, 31 May 2018

Riccardo Lowi discusses Avacta

Riccardo lowi discusses Avacta's good progress on both the Affimer therapeutics and reagents programs.

Published: 11:44, 04 May 2018

Riccardo Lowi on e-Therapeutics PLC

Riccardo Lowi, analyst at Capital Network talks through e-therapeutics' FY 2018 results showing good progress on the main research programs.

Published: 14:47, 28 Mar 2018

Ed Stacey discusses McColl's Retail Group

Ed Stacey analyst at Capital Network talks through McColl's  one of the UK’s leading neighbourhood retailers and their position to succeed.

Published: 13:56, 28 Mar 2018

Helaine Kang on Judges Scientific PLC

Helaine Kang, analyst at Capital Network discusses Judges Scientific's strong strong full-year 2017 results with record high revenues, adjusted operating profit, adjusted earnings per share, and dividends.

Published: 15:01, 27 Mar 2018

Riccardo Lowi discusses Evgen Pharma

Riccardo Lowi analyst at Capital Network talks through Evgen Pharma that has developed a proprietary technology - Sulforadex® - that allows the synthesis of sulforaphane in the form of a stable, solid powder that...

Published: 14:30, 07 Mar 2018

Helaine Kang discusses Sanderson Group PLC

Helaine Kang talks through Sanderson Group Plc a well established software and IT service provider in the UK and their reputable track record of growth.

Published: 09:41, 05 Mar 2018