Video Briefings

Lionel Therond on Rose Petroleum

Lionel Therond talks through Rose Petroleum and the completion of the initial structural interpretation of the 3D seismic data it acquired over its Gunnison Valley Unit (GVU) which is part of its larger lease...

Published: 11:23, 26 Feb 2018

James Dolman discusses PCF Group

James Dolman, financial analyst at Capital Network talks forecasts for profit and earnings for the period 2018e to 2020e.

Published: 10:35, 05 Feb 2018

Riccardo Lowi discusses Genedrive Plc

Riccardo Lowi, analyst at Capital Network on the launch preparation of Genedrive® HCV test with partner Sysmex on track, expect sales to start coming through in CY2018.

Published: 14:06, 22 Jan 2018

Capital Network's Ed Stacey on Spirent Communications Plc

Ed Stacey discusses Spirent Communications Plc and how they operate as a leader in providing products and services for test and measurement of communications systems across fixed and mobile voice, data and video...

Published: 08:28, 10 Jan 2018