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CUI Global Inc - A whole new venture


CUI Global (NASDAQ:CUI) has announced a proposed deal to combine with four other businesses, currently privately held, that provide industrial services to the energy industry and other sectors. The combined business, referred to in the release as Pro-Forma CUI, will be an entirely transformed entity, with more than 3x the revenues (estimated)...

Published: 10:22, 17 May 2019

Shield Therapeutics PLC Heading for a US approval decision


Shield Therapeutics (LON:STX) is making excellent progress having reported two sets of new supportive clinical data on its lead product Feraccru, a low dose oral iron capsule. Feraccru is being positioned as an alternative therapy for patients with iron deficiency (ID) and iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) unable to tolerate or unresponsive to...

Published: 11:50, 09 May 2019

Custodian REIT - Consistent income to shareholders


Custodian REIT (LON:CREI) released its quarterly net asset value (NAV) update on April 30. The release shows a NAV of £426.6mln, unchanged versus December 2018, and NAV total return per share (definition in the release) of 5.9%. Occupancy remains high at 95.9%. The property portfolio valuation is down by £5mln during the quarter at...

Published: 09:06, 30 Apr 2019

Synnovia playing catch-up


Synnnovia PLC (LON:SYN) has released a trading update for the year to 31 March. The company continues to expect significant growth in revenue and profits, with progress remaining strong in the higher margin Industrial division. However, profitability for the group as a whole will now be below previous expectations. Previously...

Published: 09:57, 26 Apr 2019

Oriole Resources: Morphing into an African Explorer


New image and impetus from an overhauled management team Company is refocused on African projects Earning in on projects in Cameroon - a relatively new frontier Potential revenue streams from legacy Turkish project portfolio A major as a joint venture (JV) partner in Senegal...

Published: 11:44, 17 Apr 2019

Location Sciences - first mover in a huge market


Location Sciences Group PLC (LON:LSAI) is a high growth technology company and global leader in location verification. Location Sciences was born in September 2017 from the ashes of Proxama PLC. The transformation was formalised with the name change to Location Sciences Group PLC in 2018. During the last 12 months, Location Sciences has...

Published: 09:42, 10 Apr 2019

Avacta - interim results confirm progress


Avacta Group PLC (LON:AVCT) reported interim results to January 2019, confirming good progress on key development programmes Lead immune checkpoint inhibitor programmes continue to move towards in-man clinical data in 2020 Major development partnership and licence agreement with LG Chem potentially worth more...

Published: 09:01, 09 Apr 2019

Judges Scientific's focus is paying dividends


Judges Scientific PLC (LON:JDG) posted strong 2018 full year results with revenues at £77.9mln (9% up year-on-year, including 5.5% organic growth) and adjusted operating profit at £14.7mln (35% up year-on-year). Revenue growth was solid across the regions, except for China/Hong Kong, where sales were down by 8% following the previous annual...

Published: 14:23, 04 Apr 2019

Itaconix - Gaining global reach


Itaconix PLC (LON:ITX) designs and manufactures functional polymers for applications in consumer and industrial products. The company creates new products through its proprietary polymerisation process that uses Itaconic acid, which is a bio-based building block produced by fermentation using corn as a source of sugar. There are three major...

Published: 10:15, 21 Mar 2019

CUI Global - Preparing to step on the gas


CUI Global (NASDAQ:CUI) has reported strong results for the full year (FY) 2018, with revenues of US$96.8mln versus our forecast of US$92.8mln. The FY order backlog stood at US$37.5mln versus US$32.8mln at the end of 2017. The company reported an underlying loss (statutory LBITDA) of USS$14.0mln versus our forecast of a loss of...

Published: 09:25, 19 Mar 2019

MTI Wireless Edge - Strong progress continues


MTI Wireless Edge (LON:MWE) reported results on 11 March for the full year to 31 December 2018. The results show continued strong progress following the August 2018 merger of MTI Wireless Edge with MTI Computers. Revenues increased by 35%, or 2% organically, operating profit +21% organically, and earnings per share (EPS) +14%. The statement...

Published: 10:32, 12 Mar 2019

Gfinity makes strong H1 progress


Gfinity PLC (LON:GFIN) reported results for the first-half period to December 2018, on March 4, demonstrating very strong progress. Revenues grew 143% year-on-year, with 104% growth for the Managed Services business and 387% for the Owned Content business. Managed Services increased its revenues by 189% on a like-for-like basis (based on...

Published: 13:22, 06 Mar 2019

GRIT Real Estate Income Group - Succeeding by design


GRIT Real Estate Income Group (LON:GR1T) is a pan-African (excluding South Africa) real estate company, generating high levels of US dollar and euro-denominated rental yield underpinned by a blue-chip tenant base. The company has achieved good progress since its London Stock Exchange (LSE) listing in July 2018. Results for the...

Published: 13:43, 05 Mar 2019

Synnovia PLC: Latest update


Synnovia (LON:SYN) released a trading update on 19 February, confirming that trading in the full year (FY) to 31 March is broadly in line with expectations. We continue to forecast growth in revenue and earnings; however, we are lowering our FY earnings per share (EPS) forecast from 11.9p to 10.4p to reflect a slower increase in profit margins...

Published: 13:52, 27 Feb 2019

Strong growth drivers ready to kick-in


InnovaDerma (LON:IDP) reported results on 21 February for the first half of the full year (FY) to June 2019. Results were in line with January's trading statement, with first half (H1) revenues down 7.5% driven by disruptions to the direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales channel. The company has indicated that a number of elements are in place to drive...

Published: 12:10, 25 Feb 2019

Ceylon Graphite: Back to Graphite's Original Source


Ceylon Graphite Corp, is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. The company is an explorer for graphite and engaged in the development of graphite mines in Sri Lanka. The company holds exploration rights over a land package of around 121km². These rights cover areas of historic graphite production from the early twentieth century and represent a...

Published: 10:27, 19 Feb 2019

Gfinity - Game on


Gfinity (LON:GFIN) is a world leader in the fast-growing market for esports. The company provides full end to end esports solutions, including bespoke content, tournament and event solutions for commercial partners via its proprietary online platform and live broadcasting studio, plus it is building its owned Elite Series brand and hosting its...

Published: 10:35, 06 Feb 2019

Custodian REIT - Strategy still winning


Custodian REIT (LON:CREI) released its quarterly net asset value (NAV) updated on 29 January. This was in line with our expectations. NAV Total Return +1.0% in the quarter. Portfolio net initial yield (a measure of property income yield) of 6.6%. Balance sheet gearing remains low at LTV (loan-to-value) ratio of 24.7%. We...

Published: 08:04, 29 Jan 2019

MTI Wireless Edge (LON:MWE) - Post-merger, all on track


During the last week, the company has made two significant announcements: The nomination of Moni Borovitz as CEO, from finance director previously, subject to the annual general meeting on 14 March. A share buyback of up to £150k, commencing 28 January The company came into being in its...

Published: 16:03, 25 Jan 2019

Positioned for the Tungsten Resurgence


+ Thor is one of the survivors in the Tungsten space after the ranks of explorers/developers were brutally thinned out since 2011+ The company has two Tungsten projects under development, one in the Northern Territory of Australia and another in the state of Nevada in the US+ Recent acquisition of further blocks in the Northern Territory are the makings of a whole Tungsten...

Published: 09:20, 14 Jan 2019

Plastics Capital - Delivering balanced growth


Plastics Capital (LON:PLA) has reported first half  (H1) results to September 2018 showing revenue growth of +11.4%, underlying earnings (EBITDA) growth of +42.8%, and adjusted earnings per share (EPS) growth of +67.9%. These results reinforce our confidence in our full-year (FY) March 2019 forecasts, including our EPS growth forecast of 25.3%.

Published: 10:53, 03 Dec 2018

CUI Global Inc - Growth opportunities taking shape


CUI Global Inc (NASDAQ: CUI) reported third-quarter (Q3) results on November 7th, showing revenue of US$24.7mln (Q3 2017: US$21.8mln) and a reduced earnings per share (EPS) loss of US$0.05 (Q3 2017: -US$0.09). These compare with the consensus forecasts of US$23.5mln revenue, an EPS loss of US$0.07 (from market sources). The performance reflects strong execution in the...

Published: 14:49, 09 Nov 2018

Safety Pays


Custodian REIT PLC (LON:CREI) issued its quarterly NAV (net asset value) update for the three months ended September 30,  on October 23. The company reported a NAV total return per share of 2.3% for the period (NAV increase plus dividend approved), and a reduction in net gearing to 20.5% loan-to-value, from 21.0% on June 30. Custodian acquired five new properties...

Published: 11:45, 25 Oct 2018

MTI Wireless Edge - Examining the enlarged company


MTI Wireless Edge (LON:MWE) is a technology group focussed on communication and radio frequency solutions. The applications addressed include civil and military communications, wireless irrigation controls, and speciality consulting services in the antennas and electronics space.

Published: 09:39, 11 Oct 2018